330W Portable Power Station (Deal)

330W Portable Power Station (Deal)

  • Large Capacity Portable Power Station: 78000mah/288.6wh.
  • Upgraded Led Lamp And SOS Mode: Illumination Area Larger.
  • Updated Multifunctional Outputs Of Battery: Use Range Wider.
  • Three CHARGING WAYS: Wall Socket, Solar Pane, Car Charger.
  • Silent Generator: With Pure Lithium Battery And Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Battery Management System (BMS) Provides Temperature Control, Voltage Control.

Product Description

With our modern lifestyle based on the need for electricity to power many of daily tools and gears. A good backup power option is undoubted very important. Recharging your phones, laptop or other electric devices is a breeze in outdoor camping or when hurricane coming. It is a strong power system that lights up your campsite for days, charges electronics, powers your CPAP, keeps drinks cold and is small and easy to transport.We provide 18-Month Warran-ties for the camping battery power supply, so you can rest assured to buy it.

Wireless Charging Function

  • Adding wireless charging to the portable power station is an innovative idea. It can compatible with most QI enable electric devices.
  • When you are enjoying a off-grid outdoor activities, you will find the wireless charging function is of vital importance if you forgot to take the USB charging cable. It is really suitable for forgetful people.

Solar Panel Recharging

  • Built-in MPPT controller automatically optimizes charging process and maximizes power extraction from solar panels under all conditions.
  • When connecting an 18V solar panel(Not Included), this power supply is a solar charge available generator, it can store clean solar energy and power your devices easily.

Power device below 330W

  • Tiny size (3.23kg, 8.07*6.1*6.3 inch) with big capacity (288.6Wh), which can satisfy your needs anytime and anywhere.
  • Made of durable plastic with a hide-able handle molded into the top.
  • All standard outputs are covered including QC3.0, Type C, AC, DC ports. DC and USB ports support output using while charging.

LED flashlight

  • Unique reading light for convenient reading in tent or outdoors even there is no light source.
  • SOS mode: Long press the button to enter into SOS mode, very helpful for a nighttime emergency or sudden power outage.
  • The Intelligent LCD screen shows wattage input minus wattage output. Lets you see precisely (to 1%).

How to Charge

  •  Wall Charging: 110V AC wall plug cable included(5-6 hours Fully Charged);
  •  Car Charging: 12V Car Charger cable included(7-8 hours Fully Charged);
  •  Solar Panel Charging: 18V Solar Panel with MC4 Cable (5-8 hours Fully Charged depending on weather condition).

Packing Lists

  • 1× 330W Portable Power Station
  • 1×AC Adapter; 1×AC Charging Cable
  • 1× MC4 Cable
  • 1× Car Charging Cable
  • 1× User Manual


  •  Capacity: 288.6WH/78000mAh
  •  Rated Power: 330W (700W Peak)
  •  QC3.0 & Type-C Output: 18W,  
    Wireless charge:
  •  AC Output: 110V+/-10%, 330W,
     DC5.5*2.1 Output: 12V/5A
  •  Cigarette lighter Output: 12V/10A
     Solar Input : 18V
  • Dimensions: 8.1 x 6.1 x 6.3 inches
  • Weight: 7.1 LB

Protect Your Devices 24/7

  • Unlike most 100W-150W models on the market, Paxcess 330W features Pure Sine Wave technology that safely powers electronic devices by producing a clean, stable, electricity that is just as dependable and safe as the power you get from home.
  • Best for TV, fan, motor, pump, etc.
  • Paxcess comes with short circuit protection, voltage control, temperature control,over current protection, overload protection, overcharge protection, low battery alarm.


 Q: What kinds of devices can the PAXCESS 330W power on?
A: Please note that the AC output port can only charge/power the device with a power below 330 watts; once exceeded, the PAXCESS 330W will automatically shut down. Please refer to your device specifications before purchasing and using.
 Q: How do I know the working hours of my equipment?
A: AC Port Working time = 288.6Wh * 0.85 / working power of the device; USB/DC Ports Working Time=78000mAh*0.95/battery capacity of your electric devices.
 Q: What types of solar panel are recommended? Should I get a MC4 connector separately?
A: Customer are suggested to choose the solar panel above 100W but 18V max for charging speed is relating to the sun intensity so higher power, faster charged. No, MC4 connector is included, but solar panel isn't.