280W Portable Power Station (Deal)

280W Portable Power Station (Deal)

  • Large Capacity Long-Lasting Power Supply: 280w (3.7v 67500mah12v 10ah).
  • Widely Range Of Application: Built-In 1 AC Output, 3 DC 12V And 2 USB 3.1A Ports.
  • Variety Of Charging Methods: Charging By Wall Socket, Solar Pane, Car Charger.
  • Safety & Protection Settings: BMS Supports Short Circuit Protection And Voltage Control

Product  Description 

What is the difference between a PAXCESS portable generator and a conventional mobile power supply and inverter?
PAXCESS portable generator is not only a function of a mobile power source but also a function of an inverter, and is a combination of two functions.
Portable generator built-in 27 pack 18650 high-density lithium battery packs can safely and quickly charge tablets, iPhones, iPads and other terminal devices. At the same time, it also has a built-in UPS function to invert the low voltage to 11V U.S household voltage to supply AC equipment, such as laptop, 32-inch TV, mini refrigerator, CPAP machine or other small appliances.

How to charge the PAXCESS portable power supply with solar panels?

Buy Solar Panels Separately
Our portable power supply does not contain solar panels and requires a separate solar panel.
We recommended to use Rockpals 60w -100W solar panels.

Connecting Solar Panels and Generators
One end of the MC4 cable is connected to the solar panel, and the other end is connected to the generator.

Happy Outdoor Time with Friends
PAXCESS portable power supply will give us a happy time, whether we spend an afternoon at the beach, visit the local forest area on weekends, or go to the mountains or beyond.

【Large capacity generator for long-lasting power supply】:280W (3.7V 67500mAh12V 10Ah) 27 pack 18650 high-density lithium battery packs, enough power to power CPAP for 3-4 nights, be sure to use Paxcess's CPAP DC-DC converter. Charge your laptop 3-4 times, charge a 32-inch TV for 1-2 hours, mini-refrigerator or other small appliances (AC output). Can be placed in car such as RVs, campers, and the portable station is also very suitable for camping, cabin travel, off-road, short trips or emergency life blackouts such as hurricane.
【Widely Range of Application】:Built-in 1 AC output, 3 DC 12V and 2 USB 3.1A ports, suitable for all kinds of equipment, providing perfect emergency backup power for home/travel/camping, as well as appliances like mini refrigerator, drone, fan, TV, light, tablet, iPhone, iPad,  CPAP. 
【Small and Easy to carry】: Lightweight and compact generator, it is easy to carry, the weight is as light as only 5.9 pounds, comes with a convenient handle for easy travelling. No noise, no vibration. Moreover, it is harmless and produce zero emissions, so it will not be harmful to the health of the individual and will not cause damage to the nature. Furthermore, the addition of no gasoline or other toxic gases makes this camping generator completely safe and quiet.
【Easy to charge】: A variety of charging methods. It can be easily charged by the sun or wall and car charger: 1) Its built-in solar generators can be charged from the sun through any compatible 60W -100W solar panels (sold separately), offering great energy saving and environmental protection, 8-10 hours can fully charge the station, (sufficient sunshine). 2) Insert the battery pack into the wall outlet, fully charge within 5-6 hours, 3) Charge in the car, enjoy VAN life, 5-6 hours can be full. 
【Safety and Warranty】: PAXCESS 280W generator, designed by professional battery experts, is stylish and safe. The Battery Management System (BMS) supports short circuit protection, voltage control, temperature control and more advanced safety operations. We offer a worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. You can also call our toll-free number:(877)-756-866 or send email to service@paxcess.com for direct service.


Essential Tools for Cars and RVs for Outdoor Travel

Lightweight but large capacity:
PAXCESS generator that you can carry with you no matter when you travel outdoors, cross-country, barbecue, or any place where you may need power, it is also a must-have kit for your emergency.

Optimal Use with CPAP

Two ways to power your CPAP machine: 110V AC plug or 12V DC plug.
We strongly recommend that CPAP users use DC CONVERTER to work with this power station, and turn off or remove the HEATER/ HUMIDIFIER, in this case it should last at least 3 nights. To buy the DC converter, please consult with your CPAP supplier or simply reach us for a guide.

Emergency Power Supply

With large 67500mAh power capacity, our portable generator can charge devices much longer time, 280W is compatible with most of electric appliance. Great for emergencies, camping, weekend trip or wherever you need power anytime, anywhere.