Brand Mission

Bring Passion Home

We've all been there: stress at work, loads of commitments, unforeseen events, all sorts of difficulties knocking on our door every single day. So what makes the difference between those who succumband those who manage to overcome it all? Paxcess knows that with no passion every tiny issue can become insurmountable.

That’s why, since day one, Paxcess has put passion and dedication at the very centre of its daily work, in every product we make: that’s how our customers have become our new family members, bringing home not just another ordinary object, but a fail-safe energy bank to replenish their days and their life.

Brand Goals

Retrieve Your passion Release your passion

Paxcess believes that the passion within you is the greatest power you can possess: it's like a miracle, but a miracle that can happen every day, an endlessly consumable but constantly rechargeable energy. We envision a world where everyone can easily harness the right tools to turn every housework into a walk in the park, thanks to the most suitable instruments and fervent enthusiasm.

In order to ensure that you never run out of your core power, we keep our extensive knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, and unflinching commitment right at your side, at your complete disposal. So that your passion stays ready to be retrieved and released whenever you and your family need it.

Brand Values


As a child, life seemed like a simple and fascinating game: so when and how did it become this complex, sometimes frustrating experience? At Paxcess we still believe that life can be painless and enjoyable again: we spend our best efforts and resources to create user-friendly products that simplify each and every one of your housework – gardening, mowing, cleaning, and all maintenance duties - transforming a moment of stress into the most relaxing experience of your day.


How much of our lifetime do we spend in repetitive actions, in meaningless fatigue, dull moments bringing plain dissatisfaction? For Paxcess, a recurrent strain has no value, whereas your time is priceless. That’s why we created the most suitable tools to optimize your time and energy, setting you free from useless fatigue while taking care of your house or outdoor area, so you can spend more time with your family, your friends and whoever you love the most, for as long as you wish.



Paxcess was founded in 2015 by people who treat housework seriously: from a small team of electronic products enthusiasts, in a few years Paxcess has developed its core knowledge, invested at full power in the Research & Development of innovative and efficient products, acquiring cutting-edge design capabilities, to meet all of its customers’ demands in term of usability, functionality and aesthetics. Today Paxcess proudly represents a reference point for everyone searching for reliable gardening equipment, high-pressure cleaning machines, swimming pool robots and energy storage power solar panels. But even now that we have grown to be an industry leader, we still crave for the purest, inexhaustible energy, always coming from the same, trustworthy source: our customers’ loyalty, their satisfaction in being able to transform the most tiring and boring housework into a pleasant and serene moment, to be shared with their family without stress, hassle-free. Fully charged with the strongest passion they could ever bring home.


Bring Passion Home

The only way to know what is essential for gardening is when you enjoy that yourself. We believe that gardening is never a dull and tough work but a chill and pleasant activity for you to share with your family. What’s more pleasing than gardening with your loved ones, hand in hand to decorate your own sweet home. Paxcess produce gardening tools that are user-friendly, reliable and affordable for families in the U.S. By doing so, we tend to help users to release their passion for gardening and for life! That’s why we devote our passion and expertise in constantly developing quality products that suits each and every one of you.

Brand Statement


At PAXCESS a passionately experienced creator of gardening and cleaning tools. We help our customers ignite a fervent enthusiasm for home maintenance. Because we believe that passion and dedication can turn every insurmountable problem into an enjoyable experience clients buy from us. Because we are a brand offering pleasant, straightforward ways to solve all your home maintenance issues, practical and reliable products to transform your courtyard into the most comfortable living space you can imagine, bringing fresh and limitless passion to you and your family life.

Competitive advantage

We position as an affordable, medium-end brand, ensuring our clients don’t lose their way when deciding between an high-end pricey product and a low quality cheap solution.

Key Brand advantages:

1. Staying joyful and trouble-free is in our DNA, but when we talk about sustainability Paxcess doesn’t feel like kidding: we know that nothing is more precious than our environment and our whole team of R&D experts and designers constantly strive to create the most eco-friendly products our irreplaceable world deserves.
2. Paxcess is a young and blooming brand, but that doesn't mean we overlook what really matters: we know that the most useful power is the one you can master, and our strict Quality Control policies ensure that every detail during the production process is optimized to the fullest, uncompromisingly.

3. People keep asking how we manage to maintain such a high quality at incredibly affordable prices: well, we cannot reveal the secrets of the trade, but our in-depth knowledge of all the materials we use and the perfect harmonization of our whole supply chain certainly give us advantages that other competitors can only imagine.
4. PAXCESS’s customer service is made of passionate and responsive Paxcessers, mindfully helping those who seek for rapid and efficient solutions to their pain points, always eager to go the extra mile to guarantee at least a 99.9% customer satisfaction.

Who Are We

Who We Are

PAXCESS is an enthusiastic, trustworthy go-to brand for customers in search of a simple, serene way to deal with their housework, from gardening to cleaning and any other maintenance duty you might have to face at home.

What We Do

PAXCESS was born to create the widest range of products to transform your house, your courtyard and any outdoor environment into the living space you and your family have always dreamed of: Gardening tools, Mowers & Trimmers, Outdoor Power Tools, Robotic Pool Cleaners, Snow Removal Equipment, Power Generators & Portable Solar Panels: all at your service, all ready to simplify and energize your life.

Why Us

PAXCESS’s core priority has never changed since the very first day: You. Making sure you get the most out of your life is a commitment we keep at the very core of our decisions, our products, everything we choose to create, produce and deliver to your home, together with the unwavering passion that we keep sharing with our loyal customers all over the world.

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