How To Choose The Portable Power Station That Suits You


Portable Power Stations

A portable power station is basically a generator which is being powered by a rechargeable battery to provide electricity to appliances. It is equipped with a DC carport, AC outlet, multiple charging output options, USB charging port and a smart LED display for provisions of electricity to charge Smartphone, laptops, tablets and small appliances like fan, mini cooler etc. As it is an era of modern technology and the demand of modern electronic equipment is increasing day by day due to its maximum utilization, the industry of a portable power station is growing in developed countries such as North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific due to the proliferation of increasing use of appropriate electronic equipment.

Operation of Portable Power Stations

Generation of electricity from the sun called solar energy which is used for many purposes from large solar power plants to home appliances. The solar panel, car charging and AC outlet are source of its charging. Solar Dc output converted into AC through inverter for utilization of AC energy for appliance and to raise the output voltage also. Emission of greenhouse gases is a major concern globally and the man source of the GHG emission ad petroleum products and gases which produces CO2 and toxic gases. The portable power station reduces the GHG emissions which is major features of this product as compared to the electric generator.

The utilization time of the portable station depend on the rating of a battery and a standard portable power station can be utilized from 3-13 hours depending on many factors such as charging condition of battery, battery type, size of battery, consumption of output etc. if you think you have fully charged the battery, a portable power station can give you hours of electricity to make operational the equipments like Laptop, mobile, tablet, chiller, TV, and fan etc. It is preferred to fully charge the battery first and never utilize the portable power station below 25% of the battery for its long lifetime. Our award-winning power station gives you power by pressing a button, provision of energy without the noise, smoke, and a LED display showing all technical detail like input power, output demand power and % of charging etc. Compared to an electric generator, a battery-powered generator operates without noise, smoke, and pollution and can be integrated with a compatible solar panel, you can get energy from solar energy, it is renewable and save energy over time. As the name suggests, it is manageable, you can move it anywhere at any time.

Portable power stations are characterized as following.

By Power Source

  • Hybrid Power
  • Direct Power

By Technology Type

  • Lithium-ion
  • Sealed Lead Acid

By Application

  • Emergency Power (Residential & Commercial end user)
  • Off-grid Power
  • Automotive

By Sales Channel

  • Online Sales
  • Direct Sales

Utilization of portable power station in emergency is also preferred as it is portable and can be utilized anywhere you want. If you plan to turn off the grid or prepare for an emergency, the Rockman portable power stations are best ever portable able stations due to its variety in power rating as per load requirement. According to the power rating,  three products of portable power stations are introduced by the Rockman such as

  • Rockman 200W Portable Power Station
  • Rockman 300W Portable Power Station
  • Rockman 500W Portable Power Station

Charging Method

There are three convenient charging methods to charge the Rockman portable power stations

  1. Charging by Solar Panel
  2. Car Charging
  3. AC outlet

Rockman Portable power stations are best ever as compared to other portable power stations due to below mentioned features.

  1. High capacity of energy utilization as compared to other portable power station.
  2. Convenient way of charging.
  3. Light weight
  4. They can release almost great power like a gas generator.
  5. Attractive price and no shipping charges
  6. Electrical fault protection
  7. 24 month warranty

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