The Hows and Whys Of A Dog Pool Ramp


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Dogs love playing in the water too, so if you have an inhouse pool, and a dog who loves joining in with you, planning a dog ramp is one of the most thoughtful things that you can do, to now let your dog come scampering inside the pool with ease.  
Wouldn’t you want to give your little pet a surprise like this, to see him yelp with joy at the new pathway that you built? 
Then it’s time to consider a pool ramp and if you agree the following article is for you. 
So, here we go. Read on for some guidance on the things you need to know and what you need to do to give your dog a pool ramp that is sure to light up his face when he comes near your pool. 
What Does a Dog Ramp Do?
For those of you who are hearing about this for the first time, let's explain it. This is nothing but a pool ramp that we use to make it easier to get into the pool. 
While not many may be able to dive or climb in and out of a pool, a pool ramp easily lets them slide down into the water and then enjoy some time in the pool. 
And the same goes for a dog ramp. It is a pool ramp designed to help your little pup get into the pool. 
This one’s going to be smaller, designed only for your dog to easily slide inside the pool, so the next time he won’t have to struggle to join you for a time of fun in the pool. 
Is a Dog Ramp Worth It?
Now, some of you may wonder if your dog needs a ramp to help him get inside the pool. Well, for starters, it would make your dog feel special and show him that you think about him when you want to get into the pool. 
And second of all, it makes him feel more independent by the pool, which means he can have more fun when he comes to play in the pool. Your dog can now enter and leave without any help whenever he wants to. 
Remember that, unlike humans, dogs would always want to get in and out of the pool, be it to get a toy, or take a break and do something that they want to. 
A pool ramp will make his time by the pool more fun as he is no longer dependent on you. This is especially true if your pool is built above the ground, but can be helpful otherwise too. 
So, go ahead and get a ramp, and when you see your dog happily skittering in and out of it, you will be convinced that it was truly worth it. 
What Makes the Best Dog Ramp?
Pool cleaners are not the only thing you need to choose with care when it comes to your pool. A pool ramp, (and a dog pool ramp too) has to be chosen with care for a good time in your pool. 
There are a lot of things that an owner needs to consider when buying a dog pool ramp. The type of pool you have is one of the first things that you have to keep in mind when choosing a ramp for your pool. 
Make sure that it fits the height, width, and style of your pool. And apart from that, you would want to think about the material, size, type, and assembly to not end up with the wrong dog pool ramp that you struggle to maintain and keep. 
Make sure that the ramp you buy is strong and UV resistant, and most importantly, does not get spoiled by longer periods of water contact. Check for the surface to see if it has good traction and does not send your pet slipping when wet. 
The size of the ramp is another thing you need to consider, making sure that it suits your pet. While a small pool ramp is okay for a pug or a terrier, you may want to get something larger for a wolfhound or other larger pet. 
The assembly is another thing you may want to think of. Some pool ramps are foldable so you can easily put them away when not in use. Moreover, you can easily carry them on a holiday to a resort or other such place for your pet to conveniently use. 
Make sure that these ramps come with bolts and ropes that are easy to fasten and undo. This way, you will not have a hard time by the pool. 
The best part about such pool ramps is that some of them can even be used for other purposes. For instance, you can use your pool ramp to help your dog get in and out of the car when not in use by the pool. 
What Is a Good Angle For a Pool Ramp?
Now, this is one thing you may or may not have thought about and if it is the former, then we know you have been seriously considering a ramp by the pool, so this is a feature for which we are now going to help you. 
You see the best angle for any dog ramp is one that varies between 18 and 25 degrees. If your dog is a small one, make sure that you choose a ramp that comes at an angle less than 22 degrees, as he would otherwise find it steep and hard to enter your pool with. 
Larger dogs, on the other hand, could have more fun with a steeper ramp. You can get a dog pool ramp of 22-25 degrees. You too would love to see how much fun these ramps give your playful pet. 
DIY Pool Ramp For Dogs
So, while we have been talking to you about the things to keep in mind when buying a ramp, you have been using these tips to come up with a DIY ramp, have you? 
Then there, we read your mind, and for all you creative souls out there, here's a little from our part to help you. 
One of the first things you should do before making a ramp of your own for your pet is to measure its width but I guess you know that already so let's go on to some advice that is worth it. 
So, make sure that you buy strong pipe fittings from the hardware store, to give your ramp the stability that it needs so that it stays strong all the while, leaving you in peace. 
Make sure that the materials that you use are water-resistance. This is important so that they don’t come off lose And then, finally, as experts we are not, make sure that you read as many Instructables, to compare the different ideas and styles before you decide on the one you think is the best for your dog in the pool. 
There, we hope we got you more excited about creating your ramp as a surprise for your dog in the pool. 
How Do I Get My Dog To Use a Ramp?
Now, that’s something we knew you would be wondering and while some dogs may know what you are up to, with the rest that don't it may not be easy at first as you will have to find a way to tell him that this is for him. 
These dogs may not know what it is, walking past your gift to continue struggling by the pool to get in. 
Don’t worry. Teaching him is going to be fun as you take videos and pictures to record his expressions and later share those cute faces as they learn that this is their new gift and how to get into the pool with it. 
This may take a few training sessions and your dog may get upset at first but be patient lest you make him run away from this gift. 
If you have a similar ramp for yourself, you can let him watch you use it, to take your lead and then use his. 
So, in short, let us end by saying that if your dog often finds it difficult to join you by the poolside, one of the best solutions is to get a dog ramp. 
This is nothing but equipment that resembles that of a mini slide, to get your dog scampering in and out of the ramp. 
It can have multiple purposes in and out of the pool. It gives your dog better playtime as he jumps in and out with the help of his new ramp. 
For the best effect, it would be good to get a ramp that can be assembled, so you can easily carry it in and out and even travel with your dog ramp.
Finally, for all those creative souls out there who like doing things by themselves, yes, there are several ways in which you can experiment and come up with your ramps. 
Dog ramps are fun to have as you get to see your dog play better now that he has a ramp. You won’t get tired of having him by the pool, and you would never want to get out of it now that you have your dog having fun along with you by the pool with his new ramp. 


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