How to Prepare Your Home for Wildfire Season 2020


Families are making their homes in woodland setups deep inside forests or just nearby any forest, countryside, or remote hilly sites to enjoy the elegance of the atmosphere; however, the risk of wildfire always exists in those vulnerable areas. Across the US, stats show that every year after a significant wildfire blow up, some houses make it through, while lots of others do not. Those who survive luckily always do so as the residents of that locality had prepared for the eventuality of fire, which is an unavoidable act of nature in fire-prone timberland areas. Wildfires commonly begin undetected. These fires are typically caused by lightning or accidents. They spread out promptly, stirring up brush, trees, and homes. Lower your risk by preparing now before wildfire strikes. Meet with your household to determine what to do and where to go if wildfires intimidate your area. Follow the steps cited here to protect your family members, home, and residential or commercial properties.

As someone describes the situation beautifully - if it is predictable, it's avoidable!

Hence let us now look at how do you survive if a fire breaks out. We will try to address this in two steps, i.e., 1) preparedness checklist one should follow when thinking to live in those vulnerable areas 2) How to prepare your home for this calamity.

  • Preparedness Checklist

It is of the highest importance that you visit the area where you are planning to buy or build your new house and prepare a checklist that should have some essential items to exist or an underlying protocol to be followed in the event of a fire disaster. A few are listed below:

  • First and foremost, make a list of supply packages in catastrophic situations as well as have a family emergency/evacuation plan ready.
  • Teach each member of the family how to use a fire extinguisher (different types) and show them where they are maintained.
  • Keep helpful family products that are useful if a fire breaks out, such as handsaw, chain saw, bucket, a rake, shovel, and axe.
  • Keep a ladder that will undoubtedly get to the roofing system.
  • Consider installing protective shutters or hefty fire-resistant drapes.
  • Clear things that will shed from around your house, including wood piles, lawn furniture, gas grill, tarp coverings, etc. Relocate them beyond your defensible area.
  • Dual-sensor smoke detector should be installed, specifically near bedrooms, and examining of the same should be regularly at minimum monthly.
  • Install freeze-proof outside water electrical outlets on at least two sides of the house and also near other frameworks on the building. Install extra outlets a minimum of 50 feet from the residence.
  • Plant fireproof hedges and trees (as an example, hardwood trees are less flammable than pine, evergreen, eucalyptus, or fir trees).
  • Identify and also preserve an appropriate outdoor water source such as a little pond, tank, well, swimming pool, or hydrant.
  • Use 1/8-inch mesh screen below porches, decks, flooring locations, and the residence itself. Likewise, screen openings to floorings, roof, and also attic room.
  • Have a garden tube that is long sufficient to reach any area of the home and other frameworks on the residential or commercial property.
  • As part of contingency planning, Rockman 200W Portable Power Station is essential when there is no electricity.
  • Home Preparation

Inside your home, I would urge all of the readers to keep the Rockman 200W Portable Power Station ready, so in an emergency, this ultimate product can be a lifesaver for you or your neighbor. Imagine there is no electricity for a couple of days in the neighborhood, and all the smart devices are discharged and switched off. God forbid any health-related condition that arises with you, your loved one, or somebody in your neighbor, and no one has their landlines or smartphone working to call 911. This Rockman 200W Portable Power Station is a must-have electronic device that can be charged with PAXCESS Rockman 60W-120W solar panel. Apart from this efficient device, one should consider the following ways of securing their home:

  • Ensure that a 30 to 100-feet safety zone exists near your home. Within this area, some steps are can be taken to minimize the risk of exposure to flames & heat.
  • Homes that are built-in pine forests should have a safety zone of 100 feet at a minimum. In case your house built on a steep slope, protective measures laid down by the government cannot be sufficed hence obtain additional information by contacting your local fire department or forestry office.
  • Twigs, dead limbs, and rake leaves, including clearing out of all flammable vegetations.
  • Remove leaves and rubbish from under structures
  • Cut the dead branches of trees that extend over the roof
  • Request the electricity company to clear branches from power lines
  • Mow your lawn grass regularly
  • Ensure that a 10-feet area around propane tanks and the barbecue is clear.
  • The screen should be placed over the barbecue grill with use of  nonflammable material with mesh no coarser than one quarter inch
  • Newspapers and rubbish should be disposed of regularly at an approved dumping sites and follow local burning regulations.
  • Place stove, fireplace and grill ashes in a metal bucket, soak in water for two days; then bury the cold ashes in mineral soil
  • Approved safety cans should be used to store oily rags, gasoline, and other flammable materials, and those cans should be placed in a safe location far from the base of the building.
  • Firewood should be stacked 100 feet away at minimum and uphill; also, combustible material should be further away from wood by 20 feet.
  • Your house insurance policy has to be reviewed and, if necessary, keep the list of your home's contents updated.
  • Last but not least, Rockman 200W Portable Power Station is essential to be present in your home.

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Be safe and stay healthy!


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