PAXCESS 2150psi & X-Washer P2 3000psi Pressure Washer


Have you tried all the methods to clean up your stuff? Have you tried soap, water, or both? Or are you done with the scrubbing and scratching up your stuff just to clean them?
Don't worry, We have got you covered with all your cleaning problems. With advancements in science and technology, people are developing more useful and effective ways to do everyday tasks. So for cleaning purposes, we bring to you Pressure Washers!
These are the routinely used power hoses that use highly pressurized water that take away all the dirt, leaving a clean, shiny surface. Most of the time Pressure Washers are used for outdoor materials like cars, patios, lawns, and furniture, etc.
Let's get a closer look at the PAXCESS Pressure Washers:

PAXCESS provides its customers with two highly capable pressure washers i-e 3000psi Pressure Washer & 2150psi high-pressure washer.

Why are these Pressure Washers more effective?
Our technology utilizes the polar properties of water. Due to positive and negative charges within the water molecule, it helps the molecules to stick to all kinds of organic and inorganic dirt particles on any surface. Eventually detaching them and leaving behind a clean surface.
But this is all for surfaces with lesser dirt. What about the lawns and pavement dirt?
That's when a pressure washer comes in more handy. A Pressure Washer will propel a water jet at such a high speed and force all the dirt to blast off from any surface. The kinetic energy of the water molecules will knock off the dirt molecules like the rain droplets.

What are the Main Parts of PAXCESS Pressure Washers?

Powerful Electric Machine:
The machine is the most important and basic part of any pressure washer. All the pressure washer works on the basis of the machine they have. PAXCESS pressure washers work on electricity, as it is cheaper and easier to handle than other costly fuels like petrol and gas etc.
PAXCESS Xwasher-P2 3000PSI Pressure Washer works on a 1.76GPM Electric Power Washer Machine. On the other hand, PAXCESS Electric Pressure Washer 2150 PSI has a 1.85 GPM High-Pressure Power Washer Machine. Both of them work beautifully and perfectly.

Hose Reel:
Both of our Pressure Washers have specialized Hose Reels. These are built-in on-board hoses and are of enough length that can reach all your materials that need to be cleaned. Our Hoses are made of high-quality plastic fibers that can easily handle the pressure of the washer flowing through it.

Adjustable Nozzle:
Our Pressure Washers have all-in-one adjustable nozzles. Nozzles are one of the main parts that propel water and foam in different pressures. You can choose from the high pressure to low pressure just by rotating the nozzles to the left or right. You can also switch to the detergent mode in the same way. So long story short, adjustable nozzles are very easy to use and handle.

Detergent Tank:
Our Pressure Washers have built-in detergent tanks. As we all know there are many dirt types like grease or oil that needs detergent to clean them off. So for the convenience of our customers, our pressure washers have detergent tanks that can be refilled with your favorite detergent and used whenever needed.

Total Stop System (TSS):
Our both pressure washers 2150 PSI and XWasher-P2 3000 work on the Total Stop System. This system helps the automatic stop of water flow when the trigger is not squeezed. This helps a lot of users by saving their water and energy resources. This system also helps in the prolong pump life of the machine. So this safety system comes in handy on every use.

Trigger Gun:
Both the Pressure Washers have highly specialized trigger guns that act as a valve. These guns will only allow water to flow when you squeeze. You can use water in different pressures and foam using the same wand. Everything is under your own control.

So what’s the difference between the 2150 PSI and XWasher-P2 3000 PSI Power washers?
So basically P2 3000 PSI is the upgraded version of the 2150 PSI Pressure washer. Most of the basic parts and working methods are the same but P2 3000 is better at many things than the 2150 PSI pressure washer.

Electric Machine:
As you know both of our pressure washers work safely on the Electricity Power. But the Machine for 2150PSI Pressure Washer is 1.85 GPM. and the machine of XWasher-P2 3000PSI works on a 1.76GPM. That means both of the machines take a lesser amount of electric power and work at full efficiency. Hence, gives u a better experience and saves your money. 

Pressure Washers are known for their better cleaning abilities. Our both pressure washers with their built-in features are capable of cleaning any type of dirt.
You can choose the high pressure to low pressure by rotating the nozzle depending upon the thing you want to clean.
With the built-in detergent tank, you can use the foam cannon as well and hence get rid of the greasy and oily contaminants off your materials.
For Places like Porch, Driveways, Floors, Fence Sidewalks and Patios; you can use our high-pressure nozzle by rotating the nozzle and hence get rid of all the dirt from these things and get a cleaner and shinier surface.

For Cars and other household items, You can use the foam mode as well as adjust the nozzle to low-pressure and get your things cleaned in a second.this will not damage their paint surfaces. Cleaning items have never been so easy without the Pressure Washers!


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  • Posted on by Dave Matthews
    Just opened the box on a new paxcess pressure washer and already have issues. It work fine for 30 minutes and then alternates from high power to low power every 2 seconds. Doesn’t have enough muscle to clean a patio paving slab.

    Very unimpressed and dis-satisfied with this machine. A complete waste of money.

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