How To Run Your CPAP While Camping


CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure is a form of therapy used to support people with respiratory problems; an example of which is sleep apnea. Patients who find it difficult to breathe properly due to any blockage on the air path are mostly treated using this therapy. Some people with any of these health challenges who cannot manage the situation properly may find it difficult to go out to camp; there is however no need to worry, as this article is will show you how to run your CPAP while camping and also how to make the perfect out of your camping experience. To effectively run your CPAP while camping, it is important for you to consider one of the following;

  • Select a camping site with a power source
  • Or, get an alternative power source for areas without power, e.g. a battery

A camping site with a power source

Patients undergoing the CPAP therapy need an electric outlet to plug in their CPAP devices to get the humidification they require at the right therapy runtime

Alternative power source

Not all campsites have a steady electric supply, especially those in faraway locations with rural settings, in most cases, they do not have at all; at this point, having CPAP batteries will come in handy. These battery packs have gained popularity because they are cheap, lighter to carry about conveniently, and most use solar charging techniques. CPAP batteries are mostly designed to work effectively for 24-48 hours without recharge; should you go camping on a hill or mountain, having two or three of the CPAP batteries can sustain you till you return home. With these batteries, you can camp anywhere, whether or not there is a source of electricity. Most of these CPAP batteries are usually designed based on Lithium-ion technology, so they have certain restrictions as to their usage especially in areas with extreme temperature conditions.

Power Source for CPAP Machine

Using a marine or deep cycle car battery is a better alternative; these batteries can be used to power your CPAP machines when you are out camping and allow you to effectively run your therapy. These batteries are designed on lead-acid deep cycle technology and they have higher capacities when compare to lithium-ion batteries; hence they last longer. These batteries can be powered in two ways:

  • With a DC adapter cable: the positive and negative terminals of the car battery are connected to the DC cable using alligator clips, a lighter plug then serves as the medium through which power is outputted to the CPAP machine when plugged in.
  • With an inverter: the power the car battery provides is in DC, an inverter converts this power to alternating current, AC for the CPAP machine to use. The inverter mostly used with the CPAP machine is the Pure Sine Wave inverter, and the alligator clips ensure the connection between the inverter and the car battery. With the right connections, your CPAP device can be plugged in for use without any hassles.

Doctors recommend that patients on CPAP therapy should avoid skipping any night as this may, in turn, have an adverse effect on the health of such patients; it is, therefore, expedient for patients on CPAP who want to go out camping to have all necessary resources to ensure it is a smooth ride. Electric power is the major constraint to home therapy alternative power generation methods such as batteries become an excellent alternative to run your CPAP when you are not in a hospital, especially in cases of emergency. Here are some of the CPAP battery types you can use to run your CPAP when you go camping

  • FREEDOM CPAP BATTERY: the beauty of using this battery type is that it is compatible with most CPAP machine designs; it has a USB port to allow connectivity between devices using a USB cord. After a full charge, the battery can provide power for up to 72 hours; an LCD screen on the battery shows you how much power is left on the battery.
  • PHILIPS RESPIRONICS PAP BATTERY KIT: this kit comes in a case for easy handling and storage and is also very light, making it suitable to conveniently carry on any camping experience; when fully charge it cans serve you all through the night for you to have your beauty sleep without any break on your CPAP therapy
  • TRANSCEND P8 BATTERY: this battery type can be charged with electric as well as the solar source; its lightweight makes it easy to fit into a pocket and can be carried conveniently for camping. It gives you a full night power to run your CPAP efficiently.

Whilst using CPAP batteries and other battery types to run CPAP is a suitable alternative in case of electric power failure or absence, travel CPAPs are more suitable options for patients when they go on camping; these travel CPAPs are specifically designed for outdoor use. Here are some of the examples of travel CPAPs that come highly recommended during any camping period:

  • Z1 TRAVEL CPAP:this is the smallest travel CPAP available and it weighs 10 oz only. It is suitable for any camp visit as it provides 8 hours of interrupted power for your CPAP therapy. Z1 Travel CPAP is also suitable for high mountain climbers; it has an automatic altitude adjustment parameter and a ramp feature, all to make you comfortable throughout your camping 
  • RESPIRONICS DREAM STATION GO: embarking on any journey away from home? this is the right travel CPAP for you. It has a USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, and a smaller tube embedded; all of these features are to ensure you have a struggle-free sleep and even charge other compatible devices. For 13 hours straight, your night therapy goes smoothly with Respironics dream station go travel CPAP, and this does not constitute extra load for you to carry as it weighs just 2 pounds.
  • TRANSCEND MINI: weighing 15 0z, this travel CPAP runs for about 14 to 16 hours when fully charged. It also provides an auto ramp feature for you to feel the comfort of home, even when you are away.

As technology increases and due to the need for better ways of sustaining patients on CPAP therapy, newer and better methods of powering the CPAP are being invented, one of such is the Rockman 200W portable power station


This is the perfect alternative to run your CPAP while camping; this power station has several amazing features that make it worth investing in. The power station is portable; therefore, it is not a burden while packing your things for camp. Rockman 200W power station has an inbuilt 230Wh/ 62400mAh emergency backup which makes it almost impossible to fail you when in use; a 200W/110V US standard AC outlet makes it easy for you to power your CPAP machine, a Qc 3.0 USB port allows you connect other devices making use of a USB cable, a type-C PD port also to power devices that use type C chargers, and a 12V/24v Dc outdoor camping generator that provides an alternative source for charging your CPAP devices using an adapter cable. 

Rockman 200W portable power station has multiple charging output options for alternating and direct currents with different USB port types; its capacity can power phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, drones, fans, light, car appliances, CPAP machine and lots more conveniently for any outdoor usage, and in the case of a power outage. 

It has an easy to read LED display which shows you the operating condition of the battery such as the amount of power used, battery percent, temperature, and failure alarm. This device comes highly recommended, it prevents plug-in devices such as your CPAP machine from damage using the pure sine wave mechanism. The power station has a battery built with a management system that controls the voltage, temperature, and other process parameters; the power station is designed safe and is equipped with adequate safeguards to prevent any form of hazards, e.g. a short circuit scenario. The company also provides a 2-year warranty on the product, reinforcing its reliability

The power station can be charged in diverse ways, here are some of them:

  • Using a wall socket through the USB C PD
  • From a wall socket through the DC In
  • Using a 12V car charger
  • Through the PAXCESS Rockman 60W- 120W solar panel
  • Using the 110V AC outlet

Rockman 200W portable power station also has over 500 life cycles and is certified by three regulating bodies which are: CE, Consumer Electronics FCC, Federal Communications Commission and RoHS, Restriction of Hazardous Substances. With high efficiency and fast charging ability when compared to others, the power station can keep your CPAP running throughout the night without the bother 

The Rockman 200W portable power station has all of these features embedded in a small handle designed device which is very easy to carry; thinking of going camping while on a CPAP therapy? Rockman 200W portable power station is your emergency backup power.


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