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       One of the most wonderful accessories to have in your home is a swimming pool. However, what should we do while your swimming pool gets dirty, grow molds and algae, even get discolored? Regular swimming pool cleaning is the best way to keep your swimming pool clean definitely and everyone can be safe to take a plunge after a long day. That is why pool cleaner is central to your cleaning needs as they can help you keep your pool clean without manually cleaning the pool every day.
    A pool cleaner can help you remove debris, leaves, and mold and help maintain the right PH so that you can reduce chemical usage in pool maintenance. There are different kinds of pool cleaners designed to meet different cleaning needs. The most common swimming pool cleaners are Robotic Pool Cleaners, Pressure Cleaners, and Pool Return Cleaners. Robotic Pool Cleaners are by far the most advanced as they operate independently from the pool equipment. The devices can clean a wide spectrum of debris such as leaves and dust.

Reasons You Should Buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner

1.Works Independently

Most automatic pool cleaners are usually attached to the filtration system and other installations to keep working. Robotic cleaners on the other hand have an inbuilt pump hence they do not require any filter to function. All you have to do is plug the cleaner onto a power source drop in the water and get a clean pool.

2.Automated Better Filtration

Robotic cleaners are equipped with smart technology that gives them an edge over the old-fashioned cleaners. Some models can track where they have cleaned in the pool for more efficient cleaning. Their cleaning is made easier by apps that automate and monitor the cleaning process to reduce any need for manual supervision.

3.Better Filtration

A robotic cleaner is equipped with an internal filtration mechanism and pump that filters out the smallest particles from the water. The filter can pick up fine debris that causes murky water to leave a clear and clean pool.

4.Energy Efficient

Robotic cleaners are independent hence they have fewer parts to operate than suction cleaners. They incorporate smart technologies that make them more efficient hence they spend less time and consume less energy while delivering cleaner pools. The robot can work in less than two hours and it does not have the burden of operating the filter and cleaning the pool simultaneously.

5.Saves Money

One of the biggest concerns about getting a new robotic cleaner is the initial cost. The saving you make with the robotic cleaner, in the long run, compared to the initial cost is way better as it reduces the energy cost required to run clean the pool. When you use the pool cleaner you do not have to strain other equipment hence you make more savings.
The robot requires low maintenance to run as all the debris is collected in a self-contained bag that is easy to dispose of and rinse off the device.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Robotic Pool Cleaner

1.Wired or Wireless

Cordless robotic pool cleaners can operate without a cable attached to an electrical outlet, allowing greater mobility without the need to extend the cable. Wired robotic cleaners are more powerful as they have a constant source that makes them run for longer periods compared to cordless cleaners that rely on an internal battery. The choice between the cleaner has much to do with choosing mobility for power.

2.Ability to climb over the wall

Swimming pools have stairs, walls, and a pool floor. An effective cleaner should clean all the parts of the swimming pool without discrimination. The ability to climb the wall makes it possible for the cleaner to clean the swimming pool wall and the stairs reducing the burden of manually scrubbing the pool wall to remove algae and debris. Ensure you get a cleaner with the pool climbing ability to maximize pool cleanliness.


Many buyers look at the price of a device and completely ignore the longevity. You have to ensure that you get a pool cleaner that lasts long so you do not have to keep buying a new device every season and losing out on the price savings. Go through the consumer reviews or use the product warranty to determine longevity.


Robotic cleaners have the reputation of being expensive but with further improvements in technology, there are various models that are inexpensive and as effective as the costly models. Seek to buy models that can fit within your budget.

Reputable Robotic Cleaners

We have featured two of the most versatile robotic cleaners. Each of the two models has unique features that will make you love it.
PAXCESS Cordless 5000mAh Robotic Pool Cleaner
    If you are tired of the tangling of wired cord then PAXCESS has designed this pool cleaner just for you. The cleaner is advanced with groundbreaking technology that puts it ahead of its competition. The model is ideal for all pool sizes at just a push of a button. It is cordless and relies on a 5000mAh battery for power. The battery charges last between 4 to 6 hours and the robot has a full one-hour working cycle to clean all the gunk, debris, and dirt in the pool. The IPX8 rating means that the device can stay for an hour underwater without damaging the battery or its internal components.
    The model uses a cleaning brush attached to the middle of the robot to clean the pool as it hovers over its surface. Material is collected through the filtration system so that it can be emptied later. It cannot climb over walls and is suited for smaller pools. It comes to the shore of the pool when the battery is drained or after it finishes cleaning the pool. It is lightweight and can move at 16m per minute
    The cordless automatic pool cleaner has a built-in fine reusable filter tray whose filtration precision is up to 180um. The filter works to clean and circulate the water for a sparkling clean pool.

Specifications of Cordless 5000mAh Robotic Pool Cleaner

Power Rating  50W
Working Cycle  60min
Working Voltage 12.6V
Rated Input Voltage  100Vac-240Vac
Charging Time  3~4h
Moving Speed  Appr. 16m/min
Cleaning Surface  100㎡ (1076sq.ft)
Filter Capacity  10m³/h
Working Environmental Temperature  10℃(50°F)~35℃(95°F)
Item Weight  13.5lb

PAXCESS 2021 Robotic Pool Cleaner
    The PAXCESS 2021 pool cleaner has four PVC roller brushes that provide strong adsorption and wall climbing that suit it to cleaning the pool floor, the wall, and the waterline. The machine is robust and can clean large areas of the pool to eliminate grass, sand, leaves, and dirt. The pool can work on inground pools of up to 12m or 50ft in length.
    It uses intelligent navigation that navigates the pool to ensure an all-around cleaning. The system helps the robot cleans the pool walls, waterline, and floor while the ADVANCED sensor array ensures it does not run outside the pool. It has an auto-clean setting to clean the pool in either an hour, two, or three depending on your setting.

Specifications of PAXCESS 2021 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Frequency 60Hz
Cleaning Cycle  1/2/3h
Output Voltage  DC 28V
Rated Input Voltage  110V AC (120V AC)
Filter Density  180microns
Filtering Capacity  Appr. 3963gal/h (15 M3/h)
Moving Speed  Appr.33ft/min (10m/min)
IP Grade Cleaner  IPX8
Power supply unit  IPX5
Working Environmental Temperature 50°F - 95°F (10-35℃)
Item Weight  30.1 pounds

             Robotic Pool Cleaner are two great and suitable pool cleaners as they both have an IPX8 rating and can filter up to 180μmparticles. However, the cordless cleaner is more suited for a shorter period of cleaning as it can only work for an hour at a time and has a longer charging cycle. The PAXCESS 2021 Robotic cleaner is suited for larger pools though it is a bit slower to the cordless. It goes for longer hours and can climb walls reducing the stress of manually scrubbing walls.


  • Posted on by Renee
    Do you have customer service. Been leaving messages (877-756-8666) for several weeks NO response. I have a Paxcess corded auto pool cleaner HJ2052. Purchased thru Amazon June 11, 2021. It stopped working (moving) and no motor operation in July of 2022. It has a 24 month warranty.

    When it starred acting wonky we replaced all belts. But then later the motor just stopped.
    I would like the warranty honored. This was not an inexpensive item.

  • Posted on by Jasbir Kang
    I have a robotic pool cleaner that is not working because its drive belt broke. It is not even two years old. Can you advise what I should do. I found the broken drive belt in the pool and can send you a picture if you like.


    Jasbir Kang

  • Posted on by James Mason

    Trying to get spring for paxcess model # HJ1103J. I e-mail a Sarah a few times and was told I would receive the spring but no spring and emailed Sarah again but no response this time.

  • Posted on by Amanda bright
    Why am I not able to locate and buy the green for a paxcess robot. My dogs chewed it up and I need a new one
  • Posted on by David Harold Moran
    I purchased the Pacess 5000 in Aug 21 and it worked great but now it only turns on when plugged inot the outlet? How do I get a replacement battery and what is warrenty process?

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