Cleaning Your Tile Roof: Should You Do It, and How Often?


Your house is where you spent your whole life, and you try your best to make it enchanting and eye-catching for everyone. When you keep the first brick on the land, it's the most memorable and beautiful day of your life. You furnish your house with expensive classic furniture and don't compromise on its quality. You don't forget to clean it daily, but what about the roof tile you neglect and overlook. 

Keep your household accessories away from dirt, cracks, and breaks as you pay attention to them. It is also essential to care for your roof tile to prevent damage or debris. For this purpose, you need to wash them or clean them thoroughly, and you do that because You fear that it might impair your tile. Furthermore, you don't know how to  remove Elgae and lichen? 


Indeed, you want to protect your tiles from harm and increase their elegance and longevity. Then it would be best if you washed them or maintained them at least once a year. If you disregard it, your precious tile can indulge in severe deterioration. There are various ways to sweep up your tile, but utilizing an electric pressure washer is helpful

Does a Tile Roof Need Cleaning?

As humans need water and food, just like that, every non-living thing needs the care to gleam. Otherwise, there are lots of destructive things that will snatch its attractiveness. A tile roof can lose its magnificence and aesthetic look because of algae, Chipping, and Mold. 

  • Mold is the most damaging bacterial that remains on every type of tile. Its properties are to soak all the water and cause a crack in a short period. 
  • If you cast a look over algae, then It's also a hazardous fungus that can degrade your roof tile. You need to wash it out and get it in pristine condition. 
  • Climate, trees, and dust have also had a significant impact on tiles, creating gaps between them. In case of a storm or dust, there can be severe defects to your roof.  
  • If there are algae and mold, you have to remind yourself that there would be moss and other organisms. 
  • Although we can't see mold yet, It can easily penetrate the house. Algae provide mold way through generating holes in the tile. 
  • These fungi and bacteria are unsafe for tile and can be poisonous to our health. You can confront many diseases such as asthma and many other issues. 
  • When you have beautiful and fascinating tiles, it will attract birds like sparrows and hummingbirds. Their excrement and sharp jaws can cause snare the beauty of tiles. 
  • Sun doesn't absorb water in the tile; that's why there is a chance of moss and algae in the tiles. You sometimes show negligence and don't think about it for many years. So the result is the same rotten, damaged, debris, craking tiles. 
  • The Winter season is also an essential aspect because of the snowfall on the roof tiles. 
  • When the leaves of trees give shade to your stunning roof, think for a second. These leave are a great source of providing them moist, and this moisture will create fungi and other bacteria. 

 Thus, you should learn the proper guideline to save and shine your tile. You might have taken practical steps to eradicate algae, mold, and moss from your tiles. 

How to Clean a Clay Tile Roof?

There are numerous ways to get rid of dust, pollution, and other harmful bacteria. Some people use high-pressure water to destroy this thing. Unfortunately, this process will bring bruises, watermarks, and paint peels. Many people also use detrimental chemical in tiles which has the features to prevent organisms but can destroy the roof of the tiles. In that position, you should give this task to a professional who has the proper knowledge and show extreme care for your tile. 

So to remove them, you need an electric pressure washer that will give a smoother, influential, secure feeling for your tile. In addition, it will be long-lasting for your tile durability. Few algae are so stubborn and obstinate to get out from your building roof House roof. Now, you will use an electric pressure washer to remove it in a friendly way. It will also assist you in keeping your luxurious tile in top-notch condition. Establishes companies and industries are well aware of this gadget and use it to meet their objectives. 

When you start the process, you need to give little pressure to pull all the dirt, stone, and dust from the tile. After ensuring all dust and other particle has gone. You will move toward algae, moss, mold, and other particles that are too persistent to handle. 

You can now increase the pressure but make sure it shouldn't surpass 60 psi. This process will wipe out all outgrowth of bacteria and keep your tile new as they were. You have done you successfully; thus, don't skip the crucial component of applying sealants. Your tiles will be safe from indulging a heap of moss, algae, etc.  

How Often Should You Schedule Tile Roof Cleaning?

You want to clean up the roof, but when it needs to maintain and clean up. How can we learn or know about it? It's all depends on age, color, and many other factors. You also have to watch out for your climate or focus. Are there any bulk trees near your house, or has stormy weather appeared these months? It's said that after establishing the whole building, you don't need to care for at least 5 years. But after 5 years, Your roof tile needs every year a healthy shower to groom your life and your house as well. 

Trim any trees near your house that may be dangerous to your tile. 

You give harmful bacteria a golden opportunity to destroy your roof tiles despite how much you neglect your roof. It will be a more difficult task to remove these bacteria, and you have to spend more and more time wiping them out. Thus, it would be best to clean that mess at the exact time. 

If you happen to live in an industrial area, you have to do this duty frequently. Furthermore, Your arduous task can be effortless and painless through an Electric pressure washer. 

 Quick Tips for Keeping a Roof Clean and in Good Condition:

Constantly eyesore condition of roof tile can decrease the value of your house. If you want to live or desire to sell it out, you can not have a sufficient amount from your client. Due to the discoloration of roof tiles caused by dirt and leakage of water, no one will bother to pay you a handsome amount. 


Firstly, you need to examine the state of the roof tile and where it needs to be repairment. Before the worst condition occurs to the whole roof, you should consult with your expert roof cleaner or scan yourself. With extreme care, try to disappear the harmful bacteria from your roof. 

When you scan your roof, you should be careful because moss and mold will create a slippery surface. Many people have suffered from an injury due to not concerning about the precautions. Make sure to apply top flashing to protect your roof from entering the water and absorbing into the defective part of the tiles. 

As you utmost care of your inward house appliances, furniture, and other things. Just like that outer boundary of the roof needs cleaning at least once a year. To overcome the fungi and disgusting things, obtain a comfortable solution to all your problems regarding the roof. You can visit the market and have an electric pressure washer for your elegant house. 


House is where you spend your most time and desire to keep all the beautiful things there. You visit different places and come with expensive decoration pieces to adorn your house. You pay a considerable amount on tiles, and people or viewers see the owners' house and admire it wholeheartedly. Now you have full furnishes lavish house for you, but the important thing is to maintain it. To maintain its elegance and beauty, you need to observe the tiles and other household accessories closely. These little things enhance the loveliness of your house. 



When do you know your roof needs maintenance or cleaning?

It all depends upon the tile, climate, age, and color of the roof. You can get a full-fledged answer in this blog. 

Which tool or gadget is used to wipe out algae?

An electric pressure washer is a perfect product for all your queries related to roof issues. Its feature and functions are easy to learn and have all the abilities to remove dirt and algae within a few minutes. 

Can I remove it with chemical or extra pressure of water?

No, it causes the tile to erode or sometimes makes it worse than expected. The chemical has the power and potential to kill algae or moss, but they are too powerful that they can be poisonous to your tiles. 

As you utmost care of your inward house appliances, furniture, and other things. Just like that outer boundary of the roof needs cleaning at least once a year. To overcome the fungi and disgusting things, obtain a comfortable solution to all your problems regarding the roof. You can visit the market and have an electric pressure washer for your elegant house. 



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