Best Portable Power Station For Camping 2020

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Advancements in science and technology have given us many marvelous things. But all the wonderful gadgets that modern technology has provided us run out of battery many times in a while. You can be using your phone and eventually it runs out of juice.


Then the worst happens when your devices run out of battery during a camping trip! 

Don't get too worried as these days are long gone now. Like many other wonderful devices, now PAXCESS will bring you a special efficient gadget for your camping trips.


It's a portable, lightweight, and compact power station that has now become an essential part of outdoor equipment. For it makes your camping time easy-breezy when it simultaneously gets your gadgets fully charged in the wild.


So what are portable power stations?

Portable power stations are the machines that provide you electricity. Since electricity has become a basic need of human beings nowadays, it is really important to have a power supply everywhere you go. So when you are away from your homes, like on a camping trip, to have a continuous power supply at your hand is important and helpful. 


What makes Rockman Power Station unique?

As a user-oriented tech company, we believe that the only thing we can do for our customers is to provide them with the best devices in the world to make their life easier and happier. Therefore, like our other power stations, this one is made with care and love. It was inspired by Green Anoles, one of the most frequently seen reptiles in Alabama, for they can somehow easily get in the rhythm of the environment and be in tune with nature, which exactly meets the spirit that Rockman power station was designed to deliver - to thrive in any situation.

Some of the salient features of our 200W Portable Power Station that makes it better than others are:


All-in-one place:

Our portable power stations have all the best things in one place. All power stations provide electricity but our 200W portable power station provides electricity to all kinds of devices you can think of. It has 1*110 AC output, 2*DC output, 1*QC 3.0 USB port, and 2*USB-A ports, 1*USB-C PD Port. 1*Carport.


High Capacity & Portable:

One of the things that greatly matters in choosing the best power station is the type of battery it is using and how much weight it makes in total. So for the highest customer comfort, our 200W Portable Power station contains 230Wh/62400mAh Emergency Backup Lithium Battery. Lithium batteries are known for their high efficiency, long durability, and light-weight. So our power stations are light in weight and weigh only 6.4lb! It also contains an easy-carry handle, that makes it easier to use and carry anywhere you want.


Multi-charging Output Option:

The key factor that makes our 200W Power station the best is the number of ports it has for different kinds of devices. It has ports to charge all kinds of devices and machines that you can think of. 

Since all smart-phones, whether Android or Apple, have to connect through USB ports to recharge. At this time, this power station comes in really handy when you can charge your precious phones just by connecting them to this power station. 


The AC port helps in the charging and working of all kinds of machines that work on AC. and last but not least, It has several DC ports for machines and instruments like floodlights, humidifiers, etc. It can even run a CPAP machine that is crucial these days due to the ongoing Corona-virus. So our power station can power up your machines anytime whenever you need it.

From smartphones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, laptops, cameras, fans, TV, lights, drones to mini car refrigerator, etc, what else is there that Our 200W power station can’t charge! 


Three ways to Recharge:

One of the main reasons that people choose PAXCESS Rockman Power Station is the number of ways it can be charged. How will you charge it? It totally depends upon the source of energy you have. There are 3 ways to charge it:

  • 110V AC outlet
  • 12V Car Charger
  • For a better experience, try charging it with PAXCESS Rockman 60W-120W solar panel, but this is optional.


LED Display: 

To keep a better track of how your power station is doing, you are provided with an LCD display. It is present right on the generator itself. It displays everything you need to know about the generator like AC output power/load, battery capacity/percent, over-temperature. It also displays the battery failure alarm that is not present in most of the power stations these days.


Reliable Power:

We care for our customers and always try to choose what’s best for them. So in saving the devices from damage, our power station is built on Pure Sine Wave. It protects the devices from damage by providing a smooth flow of electricity. Also, the Battery Management System (BMS) provides better safety shields like circuit protection, voltage control, temperature control, and many more.



Unlike other companies, PAXCESS loves its customers and is ready to help them in any way they can. So all their devices come with a warranty. This power station has a 24-month worry-free warranty. If you get any problem regarding the power station, you can get it fixed for free for 2 whole years. 


How does your life become easier?

By using our power station, you have a constant supply of electric power wherever you go. You don't need to worry about your devices running out of battery as our power station will get you covered. 

With its multiple charging ports, you can charge and power-on any device you want. For instance, all kinds of smart-phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, light, drones, fans, in-car appliances, CPAP machines, and more at any time.


So what are you waiting for? Take Rockman Portable Power Station when you go on camping, hiking, over-landing, mountaineering, wherever you go. Make your trip most memorable and worry-free! 

1 comment

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